The Magic of Cantilever

Definition of Cantilever:

a projecting beam or member supported at only one end: such as
a : a bracket-shaped member supporting a balcony or a cornice
b : either of the two beams or trusses that project from piers toward each other and that when joined directly or by a suspended connecting member form a span of a cantilever bridge

A Cantilever beam is supported at one end and carrying a load at the other end or distributed along the unsupported portion. The upper half of the thickness of such a beam is subjected to tensile stress, the lower half to compressive stress, tending to crush them. In building, any beam built into a wall and with the free end projecting forms a cantilever. Longer cantilevers are incorporated in a building when clear space is required below, with the cantilevers carrying a gallery, roof, canopy, runway for an overhead travelling crane, or part of a building above.

In many modern homes, the architect will design the appearance of a floating overhang or a floating fireplace. The perception is to create a visual, that defies physics. Herein lies the beauty of minimalistic modern architecture. When selecting an architect, review their work on-line and request these features to be incorporated in your home. It’s pretty magical.

Rich Brock

What’s New in Lighting


Connectivity is the latest trend in lighting technology, and it’s definitely bringing us that futuristic feel a few years ahead of schedule! Having digital control (lighting control) over your lights and being able to program them or operate them remotely or via voice is a reality today.

Best Quality

We’ve all seen bad lighting and horrible utilization of the latest LED technology. With poor products come poor results, and the trend now in lighting is a drastic swing towards quality. Selecting a quality integrated Lighting Recessed Can is very important to obtain the right results.


Going wireless is the latest trend in residential. Technologies that use power line communication and radio frequencies to control lighting are going to be appearing more frequently. Wireless control of lighting in the home is already becoming common. Expect the trend to continue.

Healthy Lighting

There is huge research towards wave spectrums, and how certain colors affect our moods, productivity. Healthy lighting and health-oriented lights are the next wave. The technology is called Circadian lighting. The LEDs used and the technology is relatively simple, but the effects they can have are extraordinary. It can affect sleep and wake cycles. Even medical facilities are putting this technology into play, using blue light in calming situations for surgery, for instance, or red to promote faster healing. Warm lighting or yellow lights play a big role for mood. It’s a big trend in lighting, so get ready.

Rich Brock


Location, location, location should always be the priority when selecting a lot on which to build your dream home! When building a luxury custom home, the price for a premium lot is generally worth it in the long run. If views are important to you, BedBrock Developers will map the key areas of the home to take advantage of views. Another factor to consider is the type of soil and the excavation cost. Typically BedBrock Developers will run a soil report to identify the soil and how it will affect excavation costs. And lastly, determining if the lot is in a flood plain is very important when dealing with the municipalities and possibly FEMA.

If there is a particular lot you are interested in, contact Rich Brock at BedBrock Developers in Paradise Valley. With 20+ years of experience Rich has built luxury homes on lots of varying sizes, elevation, and challenges. Or if you are interested in locating a specific type of lot, BedBrock Developers can assist you as well. From start to finish, BedBrock Developers will ensure that every detail of the custom home building process is executed with professionalism and integrity.


The benefit of building a custom home is the ability to build the home of our clients’ dreams—a home with all the features they wished they had over the years. Needless to say, one of the most exciting rooms to design is the kitchen. As trends come and go we find it somewhat challenging and yet fulfilling to blend personal preferences with current design trends. The kitchen is still the hub of the home and a space family and friends frequently enjoy. A few of the top personal preferences in luxury kitchen design among our clients in Paradise Valley and Scottsdale, Arizona are the following:

Modern Traditional Style While contemporary design is trending, most homeowners still want a “homey” inviting kitchen. Therefore cabinets are often classic in style and we incorporate a lot of mixed materials in the kitchen. Stainless steel appliances, wood flooring, and natural marble countertops is a stunning example of mixed materials.

Double Islands A double island creates more space to work and sit around which is appealing to many homeowners. In particularly large homes, space allows for two islands. If entertaining frequently in the kitchen, the additional counter space for placing trays of food is a real benefit. And of course, if two people are preparing food simultaneously it makes for a great cooking duo space!

Open Shelving Not a good choice for the messy, disorganized homeowner, but open shelving personalizes the kitchen. It makes for a very functional kitchen and a great way to display special collections and artifacts.

Luxe Metallics Warm metals like gold, copper and bronze have been trending and will continue to do so. Copper and bronze are a stunning accent to many color palettes.

Our advice is to design a kitchen with all your required amenities and a focus on enduring design trends. Create a room that exudes warmth and conviviality.


Modern is trending in Arizona and we are incredibly excited about our collaboration with BedBrock Developers in building and designing a fabulous Mid-Century Modern home nearing completion in Paradise Valley. The pool and exterior landscaping is currently underway.

The homeowners were a joy to work with in designing their home. With a deep desire for exterior living, pool, and mountain views, the home is formed around the exterior space. The home will boast our first re-entrant corner multi-slide pocket door which will unveil virtually the entire primary living spaces to the exterior! The homeowners love to entertain and celebrate with friends; therefore, we provided them with “The Hitching Post,” also known as the wet bar. The exterior will have a unique layup of Cantera veneer which will provide organic texture. Finally, there is an upper covered view terrace which will provide 360 degree views of Paradise Valley’s beautiful landforms.

I’m always honored to have the opportunity to design a new home, even more so a retirement home. We look forward to the first cookout in the beautiful outdoor space!

By CP Drewett
Drewett Works, Architecture


How Home Automation Is Now a Much Friendlier User Experience

It was only a couple of years ago that home automation systems required programming knowledge to change or alter preset settings. Don’t get me wrong, home automation is still a complex system, especially when dealing with large-scale homes. While the design and installation of any sophisticated smart home technology will always require a team of professionals, industry leaders have recently made the user experience much more flexible and intuitive. Crestron and Savant have made huge strides to improving the way homeowners interact with their system by placing the control and customization into the homeowners hands.

Available now on both iOS and Android applications, Crestron and Savant now offer single application interfaces. Homeowners can now program their home automation system, post-installation, without the help of a programmer.

Have full control and access to climate, entertainment, lighting, security in one touch.

Crestron and Savant both offer custom experiences and one touch interfaces that are tailored to your living style and needs.

Here are the top features you can control with either app. Wi-Fi or cellular signal is required.

•Climate control – Setup morning, afternoon, or evening temperature is to warm or cool your home.

•Create your scene – Whether you are calm, excited, happy or feeling a little romantic, you can personalize music or lighting to capture and re-create a moment. Full capabilities of setting up personal environments for the perfect date or movie night.

•Lighting Control – Dim, brighten or save energy in any room.

•24/7 Security – Full access to monitor every room in your home. Head to work or go on vacation knowing you will be notified if something is out of place.

•Schedule Events – The possibilities are endless with full control to create events. Setup shade positions at sunrise or adjust lighting control at sunset.

•Parental control – Modify privileges based on age group. Complete control to monitor what your kids are watching.

Prepare your home to fit your needs. Full customization with Crestron or Savant is a touch away.

Creative Sound and Integration


Dryer Vents are seldom seen and rarely worried about, but they are a very important part of maintaining a healthy, happy, and safe home. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission there are over 15,000 home fires a year caused by dirty dryer vents. Eighty percent of these fires start with clogged dryer vents, and result in 15 deaths and 400 injuries on average annually. Lint and debris gets backed up in the vent, reducing air flow. This can decrease dryer efficiency and cause fires. While a lot of homeowners are aware of the risks associated with dirty dryer vents not everyone has the time, proper equipment, or know how to keep their dryer vent adequately cleaned. Cleaning the lint trap in your dryer is a good start, and should be done regularly, but it is not enough to prevent a fire from sparking in your dryer vent. Fortunately, there is a simple solution for such an important home maintenance task.

Joe Filter, a healthy home services company in Phoenix, Arizona offers a full dryer vent cleaning service for your home. The service utilizes a heavy duty HEPA vacuum and rotating brush system to clean the entire length of your dryer vent and dryer exhaust. The dryer vent cleaning system simultaneously brushes while vacuuming in order to remove built up lint and debris as opposed to packing it further up your dryer vent. The HEPA filters in the high powered vacuum prevent all the loosened debris removed from the dryer vent from getting into the air of your home. This process keeps your dryer running efficiently and most importantly, keeps your home safe for you and your loved ones. To learn more about dryer vent cleaning call Joe Filter at (480) 813-9494 or visit online at

By Thomas Tenkely
Joe Filter